Flag photo  “Responsibility starts with a solid foundation”

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Located in Dawsonville, GA, we provide an indoor classroom where students can learn firearms safety & fundamentals without distraction. Our private outdoor range (near Cumming, Dahlonega, Alpharetta, & Gainesville) is perfect for live fire courses and training. At our range you can shoot, move, take cover, shoot from different positions, etc… READ MORE…



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Georgia Carry.org is your best source for up to date concealed carry laws in the State of Georgia. Stay on top of all the changes that could impact your right to carry and defend yourself!


IRONCLAD Firearms Training LLC is dedicated to teaching law abiding citizen’s proper firearms safety and the essential fundamental skills needed to use them effectively and efficiently. Our company motto is one we stand by, “Responsibility starts with a solid foundation”. Whether you would like to learn using firearms for Self-Defense, Hunting, Competition, or Recreation, we will get you to the level you seek! READ MORE… 1 1 1 1


GEARCRAFT HOLSTERS is a local Cumming, Georgia business that makes kydex holsters for any style firearm you might own. Backed by a lifetime warranty, these holsters last, come in numerous colors, styles, various attachment methods and more. Click on the logo above and check out the best holsters available anywhere!!! 


Rob Williams is the owner and lead instructor of IRONCLAD Firearms Training LLC. He is dedicated to firearms responsibility and safety. His background in firearms is advanced, but he saw the need for a school that dedicated itself to the new and progressive shooter. Rob’s goal is simple, make you a better shooter, get you prepared, and have fun. READ MORE…




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Georgia Gun Owners.org is an excellent organization that fights for YOUR 2nd Amendment rights here in Georgia. Politics and Guns will always be at odds, so why not support those who help support what we believe in?