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IRONCLAD Firearms Training LLC is dedicated to teaching law abiding citizen’s proper firearms safety and the essential fundamental skills needed to use them effectively and efficiently. These skills are the building blocks for citizens looking to buy, own, or carry any type of legal firearm. Everything is taught in an easy to understand way, allowing for everyday people to not only defend themselves, their family and home, but to also enjoy their guns for hunting, competition and recreation.

Our company motto is one we stand by, “Responsibility starts with a solid foundation”We understand how firearms and the act of shooting a gun can be intimidating to new shooters, but the responsibility it takes to learn how to shoot, carry a gun, and live life willing to protect you and yours carries over into being a person who truly understands what it means to be responsible.

Here at IRONCLAD we have developed courses geared towards making the process safe, fun, and much less stressful on new shooters. Listed below are just some of the reasons people choose IRONCLAD Firearms Training LLC over the others…

    < Students can choose our rental guns and ammunition. This means you don’t have to go buy a firearm to learn. You can come learn the basic fundamentals first before spending your hard earned money on a gun you may not like. After learning the necessary fundamentals, you will be able to purchase your first gun with much more confidence and not get duped by salesmen.

    < All of our rental guns are chambered in 22 long rifle. This means they function just like larger calibers, but the recoil control, noise, and intimidation factor for new shooters is significantly more manageable as you learn.

    < We provide a comfortable classroom where you learn and prepare for live fire courses without interruption.

    < We provide a PRIVATE outdoor firing range. This means you don’t share the range with other folks while trying to learn. You’re not confined to an indoor range stall where learning is hindered and noise and ventilation become an issue. It also allows us to put you in more realistic/dynamic scenarios giving you the chance to push your limits and progress faster.

    < Classes are limited in size, keeping them small and personal. This allows for better and more saturated instruction, giving students their money’s worth. We feel people get lost and treated as just a number when part of large training classes, so we don’t do it.

    < All ego’s and attitudes are checked at the door. We aren’t hear to tell “WAR” stories or listen to them. We are here to teach and students come to learn, not deal with folks trying to be the know all, be all, end all. This provides a fun atmosphere for everyone.

You don’t need to have tactical gear or expensive firearms systems for any of our courses. You didn’t have to serve in the military, law enforcement, or have been a ninja, you simply need to be a responsible citizen looking to learn how to shoot guns and protect you and yours, or have a desire to gain knowledge on firearms. That’s it!


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     Rob Williams is the owner and lead instructor of Ironclad Firearms Training LLC. Rob is a US Army veteran, a 10 year Law Enforcement veteran, and served in Afghanistan for 4 years as a private contractor doing explosive detection K9 work for the Department of Defense. His background in firearms is advanced, but he saw the need for a school that dedicated itself to the new and progressive shooter. With numerous shooting schools out there for active military, law enforcement, contractors and advanced shooters, he could see some of the most important people in the gun community were being overlooked, the beginner.


Rob’s shooting and professional background

NRA Law Enforcement Division Certified Instructor (Pistol / Shotgun / Patrol Rifle ‘Carbine’/ Tactical Shooting), NRA Certified Instructor (Pistol, Advanced Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Personal Protection, Home Firearms Safety, Refuse to be a Victim), NRA Chief Range Safety Officer.

Numerous Law Enforcement Advanced Firearms Training Classes (Pistol, Patrol Rifle, Shotgun, Close Quarters, Less than Lethal, Concealed Carry, Flying Armed, Dynamic Entry, Defense from and around Vehicles, Low Light, etc…)

Numerous Private Sector Firearms Training Classes (Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Tactical) from outstanding instructors: Georgia Law Enforcement Instructors Association, Rogers Shooting School, Rangemaster, USCCA, Pat McNamara, Travis Haley, etc…

Winchester Shooters Qualification Program Expert (Pistol, Rimfire, Rifle, Small Bore Rifle, High Power Rifle, Shotgun)

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A dedicated, accomplished, and resourceful professional with over sixteen years of various military, police and security experience. Valued and counted on by numerous supervisors to take lead on cases, crime scenes, security matters, and personnel. Recognized frequently by co-workers for being committed to his profession and delivering positive results in high-pressure, time sensitive situations. 

US Army Military Police School Graduate

- Pennsylvania Municipal Police Officer Academy Graduate

- Pennsylvania Deputy Sheriff’s Academy Graduate

Georgia Peace Officer & Standards Training Academy Graduate

Rob has a wide range of experience to draw from when it comes to teaching his students. He has worked everything from court room & court house security, prisoner transports & prisoner escorts, fugitive task forces, conducted nationwide extraditions, proactive patrolling & emergency management, drug and criminal interdiction & warrant executions, plain clothes assignments & surveillance, tactical operations & training, to combat operations, security details, and explosive detection with a K9. This allows him to not only teach the basics of firearm fundamentals, but teach the reality of using firearms in situations a student may some day be in.