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Ironclad Firearms FAQ

Q: What is the difference between IRONCLAD basic courses and NRA sponsored basic courses?
A: IRONCLAD basic courses (Carbine, Pistol, Shotgun) are geared to be more fast paced, you shoot more ammunition, and learn more hands on skill than book knowledge. The NRA basic courses are outstanding, but the time required is set by the NRA and students MUST meet that time schedule and take the written test associated with their class. IRONCLAD courses have estimated time requirements. Meaning, a course that is scheduled for 8 hours can be done in 5 depending on student skill levels, class size, etc… and we do not give any written examinations.

Q: Do I need to have a lot of tactical gear to attend one of your classes.
A: NO. Our classes are geared towards new and progressing shooters who want to learn how to use firearms for protection of themselves, their loved ones, and their home. We don’t require tactical vests, helmets, gloves, etc…, but may be worn in our progressive classes if a student so chooses. If you have reached a level to take one of our advanced classes, then you may want to look into tactical gear options, but it is still not required.

Q: Why is having a private outdoor range better than indoor ranges?
A: Indoor ranges limit students to a small confined space, they don’t allow for numerous critical drills that shooters need to train on (drawing from a holster, head shots, different shooting positions, shooting from cover, etc…), you might be surrounded by large caliber firearms making noise an issue during instruction, ventilation of all the lead and gases can become an issue, and there is no movement allowed, forcing students to only stand and shoot at a paper target, getting no real feel for a realistic environment. Many of these issue arise at public outdoor ranges as well, hence the benefits of a private range. Our private range allows just you and your classmates to be the only ones there. This makes instruction personal, controlled, and much more fun for all.

Q: Is your company insured?
A: YES, we carry full accidental damage/injury insurance provided by the National Rifle Association.

Q: Can I decide the day of class which IRONCLAD handgun I would like to use for the day?
A: YES, you have the option of choosing the handgun you wish to use when you sign up on the website,
but if you’re unsure, we are happy to fit you to one of our five options the morning of the class.

Q: I want to take your Progressive Pistol class and have a Basic Pistol Certificate from another
shooting class I took. Will this certificate be sufficient?
A: Please scan and email the certificate to: The school/class will be evaluated and
you will be notified of our decision. If it was an NRA Basic Pistol class, it will be honored.

Q: If I bring my own ammunition and it is not working, do you guys have ammunition available for
me to use?
A: If you’re using a firearm chambered in 22 long rifle we have ammunition available for sale on site. We only use CCI rimfire ammunition which is the most reliable ammunition on the market. We HIGHLY recommend students who are bringing their own firearm know if the ammunition they have is reliable.

Q: Do you have an armorer on site in case a firearm breaks during training?
A: NO, but we can fix most firearms issues that arise during training. If a gun breaks to the point an armorer must
be used, the likelihood of them being able to fix it on sight in time to complete the class would be unlikely.

Q: If a personal firearm breaks or continues to malfunction during the class, can IRONCLAD provide a
loaner gun to finish training?
A: YES, we are willing to loan a gun to finish the course as long as the student’s firearm began the class and
was running the course when the failures or damage occurred.