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Ironclad Law Enforcement Developmental Firearms Training (By Appointment Only – Contact Us)

*This training does not give POST credit hours. This training is for personal skill set advancement only!

Course Introduction: 

Ironclad Law Enforcement Developmental Firearms Training gives current, retired, and new academy recruits a chance to set up valuable training in a 1 on 1 or small group setting. There is no set curriculum, rather we try and listen to what single or small groups of officers want to work on and develop a course of fire and scenario based situations to fit their needs.

Whether it’s becoming more proficient for qualification, working on transitioning between handguns and long guns, working shoot vs. no shoot situations, learning entry skills with both handguns and long guns, firearms manipulations, support side shooting, shooting for time, stress shooting, and more… Ironclad’s law enforcement firearms training will make you a better shooter and officer.

Course Length:

Varies by officer needs/requirements – Contact us to discuss further.

Age Requirements:

21 & Over

Fee Schedule:

$130 and up (Based on officer needs/requirements – Contact us to discuss further)
Cash, PayPal, Credit Cards, Money Orders Accepted.
Range Fee is included.

Student Course Checklist:

- Desired Firearm(s) to train with
– Spare Magazines for each firearm that will be used
– Ammunition (Will determine amount needed during set up of course desired by officer but 200 rounds will be the approximate minimum for most training)
– Duty Belt/Rig or Holster(s)
– Sling for long gun(s)
– Eye Protection (Available for purchase from Ironclad)
– Ear Protection (Available for purchase from Ironclad)
– Cleaning kit with lubricant

– Dress: You’re responsible for your own comfort and protection from the elements on the range. Long pants and close toed shoes are mandatory. (Classes are held rain or shine once scheduled)
– Pack lunch & drinks (Lunch at range if desired by officers)
– Recommended extras: sunscreen, water, rain gear, ball cap, knee pads, etc…

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Please download, print and fill out the forms below and bring them with you to class. These forms must be filled out and given to us or we cannot permit you to take the class.

PDF_Logo (Custom)IRONCLAD Assumption of Risk Waiver

PDF_Logo (Custom)IRONCLAD Statement of Eligibility

PDF_Logo (Custom)IRONCLAD Age Waver Form

Have Questions?? Please feel free to CONTACT US anytime!


We put together a helpful checklist of "Things to bring" to class.

PDF_Logo (Custom)IRONCLAD Class Checklist Reminder