A $50 Deposit for all classes is required. It is non-refundable if cancelled less than 48 hours prior to class.    Full-payment must be received prior to class start time. Plan to be at facility 15 min prior to class start time if paying on day of scheduled class. Payment in full can be made via website. (Cash, Credit Card or Money Order)

Ironclad Firearms Training LLC Assumption of Risk Waiver & Statement of Eligibility must be signed and submitted in order to participate in any class.

Ironclad Firearms Training LLC has the right to decline anyone from participating in any class we offer.

Any equipment rented during class that is owned and provided by Ironclad Firearms Training LLC remains property of Ironclad Firearms Training LLC upon completion of class.

In the event of an emergency any student who starts a class and must leave can make-up the class at a future date & time agreed upon by the instructor.