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Ironclad Womens Concealed Carry & Liability Training

**YOU MUST HAVE COMPLETED A BASIC PISTOL CLASS OR FULLY UNDERSTAND PISTOL FUNDAMENTALS BEFORE YOU CAN TAKE THIS COURSE. WE WILL REQUIRE PROOF OF SUCH TRAINING OR A QUICK CONVERSATION TO CONFIRM KNOWLEDGE OF THE BASICS!  Please note, we do NOT cover any of the basic fundamentals in this class, you should already know them and understand them. If not, please consider our Ironclad Beginner Pistol class or our Women’s Only Beginner Pistol to get the building blocks needed to advance to this level of training.

We accept IRONCLAD Beginner Pistol and NRA Basic Pistol certifications. If you have proof of a beginner pistol class from another instructor or school, have Military or Law Enforcement experience, or can show proof of general shooting experience, please contact us so we can get you registered. Thank you.

Course Introduction:

In this Women Only course we focus on individuals looking to carry a handgun for personal protection while outside their home. We cover carry techniques specific to women, holsters, holster placement, drawing from concealment, clothing options, carrying in a purse, carrying in a vehicle, interaction with Police, interaction with a threat, do’s & don’ts while carrying a handgun, concealed carry laws, Georgia concealed carry reciprocity, handgun types for concealed carry, and much more.

This concealed carry course has classroom work and a live fire segment on the range. We cover important points and Georgia Concealed Carry laws, but emphasize as a responsibly armed citizen, it is your duty to study current laws and prepare yourself for life while carrying a firearm. We are NOT attorney’s and do not give you legal advise, but we do explain the laws as we know them from our Law Enforcement experience.

*Holsters allowed in this course are Outside the waist style (paddle/belt), Inside the waist style (clip/friction), Inside the pocket style (friction), Universal style (nylon generic for belts, inside purses, inside bags), and Ankle style.

**Holsters NOT allowed in this course are Shoulder style rigs or tactical thigh rigs.

Upon successful completion of this training course you will receive an official IRONCLAD certificate.

Course Length:

8 hours

Age Requirements:

21 & Over

Fee Schedule:

Student owned handgun & ammunition & holster – $200
IRONCLAD loaned handgun & ammunition & holster – $300
*$50 NON-REFUNDABLE upfront payment to reserve seat in class.
Cash, PayPal, Credit Cards, Money Orders Accepted.
Range Fee is included.

*Full payment due on or before day of scheduled class.

Student Course Checklist:

- Pen / Notebook
– Semi-Auto Pistol or Revolver (No Magnum Calibers – i.e. 357 MAG / 44 MAG)
– At least 2 magazines with 10+ round capacity for semi-automatic pistols.
– At least 1 speed reloader for revolvers.
– Desired Holster for handgun being used (IF USING PERSONAL FIREARM)
– Spare magazine holster/holder (IF USING PERSONAL FIREARM)
– Sturdy belt for holsters being worn on/in pants.
– Different clothing you may wear while carrying, purses, jackets, etc… to train with.
– 300 rounds of ammunition
– Cleaning kit with lubricant (IF USING PERSONAL FIREARM)

- Eye Protection (Available for purchase from Ironclad)
- Ear Protection (Available for purchase from Ironclad)
- Dress: You’re responsible for your own comfort and protection from the elements on the range. Long pants and close toed shoes are mandatory. (Classes are held rain or shine)
- Pack lunch & drinks (Quick lunch given)
– Recommended extras: sunscreen, water, rain gear, etc…


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Please download, print and fill out the forms below and bring them with you to class. These forms must be filled out and given to us or we cannot permit you to take the class.

PDF_Logo (Custom)IRONCLAD Assumption of Risk Waiver

PDF_Logo (Custom)IRONCLAD Statement of Eligibility

PDF_Logo (Custom)IRONCLAD Age Waver Form

Have Questions?? Please feel free to CONTACT US anytime!


We put together a helpful checklist of "Things to bring" to class.

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